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Stay informed with what's going on at PM Motorsports. From current projects to technicial advice, we'll try to keep you informed with posts on a regular basis.

The Rebuild Chronicles | Ep 1. Cut and Gut

We saw a lot of progress with the new build in the past two months. With the new car obtained we proceeded to gut and hack away...

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Limerock | SCCA NARCC Runoffs 2014

The 2014 SCCA race season came to an abrupt end when the #7 Merkur was clipped from behind by the #74 Camaro...

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Limerock | John Stim Memorial Race

The Boost Brothers Merkurs get together once again for an eventful weekend at Limerock. While qualifying went well, race day wasn't without its hiccups.

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240SX Dyno Tune: Part 1

We took our 240SX to RPMNyc for a dyno tune with our main tuner Waynespeed. Even with the temperature reaching close to 100 F the 240 didn't break a sweat.

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NJMP (Lighting) Weekend

This past weekend we went to New Jersey Motorsports Park for another high octane event.

Things were going pretty well until the 2nd round of qualifying.

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Dyno Session At RpmNyc (Power Technica Garage)

We took our SCCA Merkur to the guys at RpmNyc to put it through its paces on the dyno.

We had a good session and were surprised with the results...

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Updates on the TC'd SCCA Merkur for the 2013 SCCA Season

Over the fall/winter we have been hard at work making minor adjustments to our TC's SCCA Merkur

The goals for this race season are reliability and putting down consistent lap times.

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Lime Rock Park - Qualifying Session

Over the past couple of months we've been making some changes to our turbocharged SCCA Merkur, centered mostly around the cylinder head.

With the updrages and adjustments made the car was able to put down some goods numbers at the track.

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'04 Transmission Swap In '95 Maxima


Over the past couple weeks we've been working on our first '04 transmssion conversion in a '95 Maxima.

After making a custom mounting bracket and relocating the ABS system we were able to get the tranny in

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Kingpin's XR At The Dyno


Yesterday we were finally able to get Kingpin's Merk on the dyno.

It was well worth the wait. The '99 Ranger bottom end really helped to breathe some new life into the car.

After dialing her in and setting a couple baselines she was able to put out 403whp @ 21psi.

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Carlisle All Ford Nationals 2012


This year's Carlisle turned out great. Despite the smaller turnout there was defenitely a strong community presence. A lot of laughs, stories, and experieces were shared together.

Congrats to Phil Jr and his 2.3 Duratec XR for winning the Merkur Innovation Award.

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Soo Yung @ TMW Dyno Day


Today we took out our Duratec-swapped XR to Dyno Day hosted by Tach Motor Works in Lawrence, NY

Out of three pulls she put down a solid 254whp/258ft-lb @16psi.

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ZTee24 At The Dyno


Last week we took ZTEE24 on the dyno...and boy did she amaze us. Making 521whp @ 27psi Taryn's XR is sure to cause a ruckus on the street.

Even with sticky 265s in the rear, this car still manages to spin the tires from 1st to 3rd. With some 295s she sould get all that power to the ground...

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ZTee24 Is Back: Repairs + Tune

Taryn's Crimson red XR is back at PM Motorsports for some minor repairs and a tune. We'll be putting her on the dyno in the upcoming days so stay tuned for that...

...No pun intended!

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Pulling Out Kingpin's Stock Block

Kingpin, a regular at PM Motorsports, is getting the stock Merkur block replaced with a 2.5 from a 99 Ranger. She'll be getting the full PM work over with a proper cleaning, new internals, and a solid tune by Wayne Speed...

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Joey's Roll Bar is Done | New T56 Transmission

Last week Joey's car came back from LM24, where they fitted it with a roll cage. They've helped us with a number of projects over the years, including putting a rollcage into our turbocharged SCCA Merkur.

For the first time at PM Motorsports we're pairing a 4 cyl engine with a 6 speed transmission. We're using a Tremec T56.