Limerock Park - 2014 NARRC Runoffs

Saturday morning looked promising for the Boost Brothers #7 Merkur. After recent changes to the front suspension curteousy of MC2Racing and a retune by WayneSpeed, the NARCC Runoffs at Limerock was shaping out to be a good event.

However, things quickly changed for the worse during the last session. In lap 6 entering T1 (Big Ben) the #7 Merkur was clipped by the #74 Camaro, sending him into the wall at ~70mph. The head on impact smashed the front end and even managed to shift the engine and transmission back about 2 inches. Luckily driver, Phil Marshall Sr, was able to walk away unscathed

Despite the abrupt end to the 2014 race season PM is alreay planning the next machine. We'll keep you posted on how it all develops.

VIDEO: Limerock 2014 NARCC Runoffs (The Abrupt End)